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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Johnnie : Kids R kids........

One day Johnnie goes up to his mother and asks:"Mom, how old are you?"
Mom: "That`s a personal question. You don`t ask those kinds of personal questions to women."
"How much do you weigh?"
Mom: "You`re too young to understand that you don`t ask those kind of questions to women."
"Why did Dad leave us?"
Mom: "You`re too young to understand that too, I`ll tell you when you`re older"
So Johnnie goes back to school and tells his friend: "My mom doesn`t want to tell me how old she is or what she weighs. She doesn`t answer any of my questions"
His friend replies: "You should go into her purse and look at her driver`s license. All your questions will be answerd.
Johnnie goes back home and look into his mom`s purse and looks at her driver`s license and goes to his mom:
"Mom, you`re 39 years old."
Mom: "Yeah that`s right I am."
"And you weigh 55 kg."
Mom: "Yupp that`s right."
"One last thing... I know why dad left us."
Mom: "Oh really, why?"
"Because you got an F in sex"

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