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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

20 General Questions

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1. What do “A.M.” and “P.M.” stand for?

2. What is the Russian equivalent for U.S.S.R.?

3. What does “stet” in printing mean?

4. What do the following stand for:
4.1. B.B.C.
4.2. V.O.A.
4.3. A.I.R.

5. What do the letters “RSVP” at the end of an invitation mean?

6. Give the full name of:
6.2. CRY

7. What do the letters D.C. after Washington stand for?

8. What do VCR and VCP mean?

9. What is OPEC?

10. What do the following mean?
10.1. e.g.
10.2. etc.

11. What do the letters ER which follow the signature of Queen Elizabeth stand for?

12. What do the letters “QED” at the end of a geometrical theorem mean?

13.1. What is an UFO?
13.2. TNT is an explosive. What is its chemical name?

14. What does the sign ‘R’ at the top of a medical prescription mean?

15. What does “dim” In a musical score stand for?

16. Expand the following:
16.1. kw
16.2. cft
16.3. rpm

17. Who is an OBE?

18. What are the following:
18.1. P.A.A.
18.2. QANTAS
18.3. SAL

19. Which country’s name is abbreviated to C.S.S.R.?

20.1. What are the three R’s?
20.2. Children are graded at school by their IQ rating of what is IQ an abbreviation?

Try to answer these Questions.
We have studied all these in out lower classes. Try to answer them

Scroll down for answers











1. “A.M.” means “Ante Meridiem”, or before noon; “P.M.” means “Post Meridiem” or after noon

2. C.C.C.P.

3. Let it stand

4.1. British Broadcasting Corporation
4.2. Voice of America
4.3. All India Radio

5. “Respondez s’il vous plait” or “please answer”

6.1. United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
6.2. Child Relief and You

7. District of Columbia

8. Abbreviations for Video Cassette Recorder and Video Cassette Player

9. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

10.1. “e.g.” stands for “exempli gratia” or “for example”.
10.2. “etc” stands for “etcetera” or “following”.

11. Elizabeth Regina

12. “Quod erat demonstrandum” or “that which has to be proved”

13.1. Unidentified Flying Object
13.2. Trinitrotoluene

14. “Recipe” or “take what has been prescribed”

15. “Dimiuendo” or gradual decrease of tone

16.1. Kilowatt
16.2. cubic feet
16.3. revolutions per minute

17. An officer of the British Empire

18.1. Pan American Airways
18.2. Queensland & Northern Territory Aerial Service
18.3. Scandinavian Airways Limited

19. Czechoslovakia’s

20.1. ‘R’eading, W‘r’iting, A‘r’ithimetic
20.2. Intelligence Quotient

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