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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

See The Guts

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On a ship, the Generals of three nations were traveling with their soldiers.
They started an argument on whose soldier had more guts.

The American General called for one of his men and told him to jump off and take a round swimming around the moving ship.
The soldier did as he was commanded. The American General boasted of by saying, “See the guts!“

Now the German General called out for one of his men and asked him to take two similar rounds around the moving ship.
The soldier did as he was told. When he came back from the water the German General said, “See the guts!“

Now the Indian General called out for his most Courageous man And asked him to take five similar rounds.
The soldier promptly replied, “Tere baap ka naukar hoon kya? ” (Am I your Father’s servant?)

The general proudly said, “See the guts!

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